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High Values

Our success does not result solely from the quality of our work – which in its own right is extremely high by any measure - it results from the way we treat each and every patient.


Our mission is clear: to improve the oral health, and by association the general health, wellness and vitality of every patient we see!


Making a difference in people’s lives and contributing to their well-being drives us forward. Every day. Through every snowstorm. Through every challenge.


We strive to understand the unique circumstances and world view of every patient. Only then can we truly help our patients develop the oral health practices that will serve them well through life.


If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a team to keep you healthy. The Perfect Smile™ team accepts the oral health role, working closely with all stakeholders to make it happen.

Meet Rosemary (IRDH & CEO)

A combination of professionalism, superior technical skills and a patient-centered perspective allowed Rosemary to rise to the top of the dental hygiene profession. A desire to serve thousands, a belief in an underserved community – seniors, a risk tasking ethos, and a commitment to continuous learning drove Rosemary to launch The Perfect Smile™.

Tellingly, the practice has been nominated by clients for two business achievement awards: one with the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce (2011) and the other with the Women’s Business Network (2012).

Married with two children, one working Germany and the other in Australia, the family continues to search out global adventures together. Rosemary’s hobbies include skiing, cycling, hiking, cottaging and boating.

Rosemary is a member in good standing of the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario.

Meet the Team


In addition to her work in the field with patients, residence staff and the team, Julia plays a pivotal role managing several key practice elements including patient scheduling, insurance processing, inventory and supplier management and client follow up, to name a few. A native of Barrhaven, Julia is an avid snowboarder, camper, loves her dog Loka, playing her guitar, and riding the family horse at every opportunity.