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We are attempting to make the new patient onboarding process as smooth as possible. That said, there are forms to be completed and permissions required of the patient or their legal representative prior to being seen for the first time.

These include:

  • Medical History Form
  • Dental History Form
  • Patient Consent Form (Privacy)
  • Insurance Provider Form (If applicable)

To download the forms package in Adobe PDF format, please click here.

Use of Email for Communicating

We, as well as most of our patients and their families, generally regard email as the preferred method of timely communication between parties. If you agree, we ask that you

  1. Review The Perfect Smile™ Terms of Use – Email,
  2. Sign the form at the bottom of the page (2 fields) and
  3. Click Submit.

Once you have reviewed and completed the medical / dental / consent / insurance forms, please either:

  • bring the forms in person to the appointment or,
  • scan & return the forms by email (*** after first reviewing and signing the Terms of Use – Email).